We are all excited to buy a new car but perhaps that emotion makes us make bad decisions and we end up with a great debt and worse still, with a vehicle that we dislike.

In the article How to choose a car, 4 steps you should not forget , we give you several tips to choose the car of your dreams. But within the decision of which car to buy from Farago Motors, the question may also arise as to whether to buy a new or pre-owned car?

In this article we will focus on explaining the advantages, disadvantages and the process of buying a used car. Thus, you can make a better decision when choosing your next vehicle.

Generally speaking, there are 3 essential aspects to consider when buying a used car. These are:

Where to buy a used car, in an agency, in a lot or a private person?
Review all the documents and payments of the car are in order.
Check the physical and mechanical appearance of the car.
It is very different to buy a pre-owned vehicle from a dealer or a lot like. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. In one you should be more active during the purchase but you could get better benefits, while in another you would have more guarantees but the price can rise.

An excellent advice to start the purchase of a pre-owned car is to guide you on the costs in the Blue Book. It is a guide to the price range of a used vehicle.


This guide is made by automotive experts and contributors. However, you can also check prices on sale sites, where you can even quote a used car.

The make, model, mileage and physical condition of the car are the 4 factors that most influence its final price. So you can make a fairer comparison between different options.

Buy used car in agency. It is the most common and recommended way to buy a used car. While it is true that the cost may go up a bit compared to the other two models, it is more than compensated by the guarantee and the attention of the executives.

Even when we have the agency guarantee, it is good to check the operation of the car. A test drive will allow us to notice any breakdown or damage inside.

Compared to the following 2 options, buying at an agency is a simpler and faster process. You even have the possibility of giving your old car as a down payment to buy your next vehicle, regardless of whether it is a pre-owned.

Buy used car in a lot. An established and registered car lot with the National Association of New and Used Truck and Automobile Dealers (ANCA) is also a great option. You can compare prices, models and even makes in different car lots, although that also means more time and effort.

In a used car lot, there is usually a greater openness on the part of the sellers to negotiate the price. You can take advantage of this situation to get a better offer.

We do not recommend going to non-established lots or the so-called “flea markets”. It is true that you can find good deals but you do not have all the guarantees to an agency.

Buying a used car from a private party. It is the least advisable of the 3 options simply because you have no guarantee that the car is in good condition. For this reason, we only advise it when it comes to a relative or close friend, and even so, you should make sure of the physical condition of the vehicle and its documentation.

The clear advantage is the possibility of a lower price but the problem is that you will have to carry out all the paperwork and purchase management.

A second point to consider when buying a used car is to review all the vehicle documentation. Regardless of where you buy it, it is a good idea to check if the vehicle has no theft report.

All you have to do is enter the site of the Public Vehicle Registry (Repuve) and enter the plate or the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).

You should also check your has all the payments such as custody, endorsement, fines and verifications up to date. If they accumulate for years, the fines and surcharges can add up to a hefty sum that you should pay if you don’t make sure before buying the vehicle.

General vehicle inspection

If you buy a used car, it is an excellent idea to make sure it is working properly. Even if you don’t understand much about car mechanics, you should lean on someone who does know about it. It can be a family member, friend or acquaintance, which you can reward at the end.

Check the car’s engine first. Opening the chest and taking a look will allow us to notice a serious flaw. Also, take a test drive and take the opportunity to test the brake system, with caution please.

If it has assistance, traction and stability systems, take advantage of your test drive to see how it works.

The tires are a great indication of the physical condition of the car. If when selling the car, they did not bother to change them for new ones, it is sure that they did not fix major flaws.

Leaks and fumes are indicative of a careless previous owner. Make sure the used car you want to buy doesn’t have any of them.

The bodywork and especially the fascia must look well aligned and firm, otherwise it can mean a bad composure that will affect you later.

Especially for cars over 5 years old, it’s a good idea to look for signs of rust and corrosion. If there are and can be repaired, you can negotiate discounts on the price.

In your test drive also check the electrical system, the heating, air conditioning, glass, mirrors and even the radio. Everything counts and you are paying a price to make everything work properly.

If you take into account all the above tips, you will avoid surprises when buying your pre-owned car. It will be a faster process and you can be sure that you have made a good purchase.

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